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2022 Utah Veterans Democratic Caucus Endorsements

The Utah Democratic Veterans Caucus held a virtual caucus meeting on April 21st as we lead into the weekend Utah Democratic State Convention. Our Endorsement rules require candidates or designated campaign spokespersons to address the caucus to be considered for endorsement. Of those candidates whose campaigns spoke in our caucus, the following are endorsed:

We have included the endorsement vote results:

CD2 - Steve Hartwick endorsed

Steve Hartwick (contested) - 86.4%

Not Endorse - 13.6%

CD3 - Glenn Wright endorsed

Glenn Wright (contested) - 86-4%

Not Endorse - 13.6%

CD4 - Darlene McDonald endorsed

Darlene McDonald - 100%

Senate 9 - Jennifer Plumb endorsed

Jennifer Plumb (contested) - 100%

Senate 13 - Nate Blouin endorsed

Nate Blouin (contested) - 90.5%

Not Endorse - 9.5%

Senate 14 - Stephanie Pitcher endorsed

Deondra Brown - 20%

Stephanie Pitcher - 65%

Not Endorse - 15%

Senate 19 - Parker Bond endorsed

Parker Bond - 95.5%

Not Endorse - 4.5%

House District 10 - Rosemary Lesser endorsed

Rosemary Lesser - 100%

House District 32 - Sahara Hayes endorsed

Sahara Hayes - 95.7%

Not Endorse - 4.3%

House District 46 - Gay Lynn Bennion endorsed

Gay Lynn Bennion - 100%

UDP Party chair - Diane Lewis endorsed

Diane Lewis - 86.4%

Q. Dang - 13.6%

UDP Party Vice chair - Oscar Mata endorsed

Oscar Mata - 95.7%

Not Endorse - 4.3%

The Veterans Caucus also voted on the state-wide Senate race involving a Democrat and Independent candidate. Our caucus is a big tent caucus which allows our caucus to be open to all registered democrats, independent and non-affiliated voters. As such, the caucus believed we should hear from both candidates. On the vote to endorse, the results returned a tie between the two campaigns. No voting irregularities were verified following a careful review of the results. Since our caucus rules do not allow for dual endorsements the Executive Committee has decided to let the vote stand, and not issue an endorsement for this race.

It also is worth noting that the caucus discussed the importance of not blocking anyone from the ballot, which we view as undemocratic and a violation of our core values as a party and a caucus. The voters have the right to decide.

Senate Race - tied, so no endorsement

Kael Weston - 39.1%

Evan McMullin - 39.1%

Not Endorse - 21.7%

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