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A Statement from the Utah Veterans Democratic Caucus

As we see the horrific news and images coming from Afghanistan, it’s critical to recognize that there are many within our military & veteran communities who are grieving, dealing with a flood of emotions while trying to process the events of the last few days against the last two decades of operations in that country. For many, this pain is only compounded by painful memories of sacrifice and loss within our community.

We are pleased to see Governor Cox renewing his commitment to welcome refugees from Afghanistan to Utah, especially those who valiantly helped our troops serving as translators and guides and who offered invaluable assistance that saved lives - including many members of the Utah National Guard.

It is important that we check in on our veterans and members of the military community who may be struggling — and for those who are hurting right now, please know you are not alone, your sacrifices and efforts do matter, and are not wasted. What you are experiencing is legitimate. The grief is real, but you don’t have to deal with it alone!

If you are a Veteran or Service Member in crisis, or you are concerned about one, please call the National Veterans Crisis Line 800-273-8255 and select 1.

Chat options are also available online.

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